Project Management Training

Project Management Training

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What is Project Management?

Project management is one of the most important disciplines in the working world and briefly covers planning, organising and controlling projects. The term projects in this sense may not apply to individual projects completed on a day to day basis, rather it encompasses specific goals and success criteria, meaning that project management transcends industries and job roles. Project Managers have full oversight of the day to day running of tasks, with each stage of a project planned, implemented, and signed off by the Project Manager.

Project management ensures that companies and businesses (no matter how big or small) run smoothly and efficiently. Businesses know that any employee with knowledge of project management theories will bring a direct and immediate return of investment, this is through the improvement to productivity and efficiency that will be provided by a working knowledge of project management.

In regards to project management an individual project is a process that produces a specific deliverable, whether this be a product or a service, and project management theories allow us to explore various ways of achieving deliverables in the most effective means possible. Generally speaking the primary challenge of project management is achieving all of the project goals within the constraints of an organisation. Project Managers often have to deal with a number of constraints and various project management theories agree that scope, time, quality, and budget are the main constraints facing any project.

What is our Introduction to Project Management Course?

Our Introduction to Project Management course is perfect for anybody that is interested in learning a specific project management theory (for example PRINCE2) but would like a broad introduction to the topic before they begin tackling a niche subject within project management. This course is designed for anyone that is looking to improve their management skills and does not know where to start, as an introductory course our project management program does not assume any knowledge and is built for project management beginners.

This course introduces the various project management methodologies and highlights how they have been applied to real world situations, before moving on to the framework, concepts and processes of project management. With an interactive course layout and a number of project management scenarios and exercises this course is an ideal way to become confident with project management in a hands-on, practical environment.

Learners have unrestricted access to our project management learning portal, meaning they can study at their own pace and visit any topic as many times as required. With all learning materials, tests, and tutor support in one centralised location training is easy to approach and is open to all users, no matter their previous knowledge or experience.

Training Solution Breakdown:

  • Intuitive and rewarding online training resources
  • Comprehensive Freephone or email support
  • 24/7 access to training materials
  • Study anytime, anywhere in a world for a flexible learning experience
  • 12 months (one year) unrestricted access
  • Progress reviews & comprehensive assessments to ensure efficient understanding of course content
  • Career advice and CV support once training has been completed

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